Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Great Trek 2013: part VII, Hogle Zoo

I wanted to take the kids to the zoo I grew up with.
So we planned a day and headed up.
We first stopped by the Salt Lake Temple...which is something else we want our kids familiar with as it's where we got married.

While there we ran into Sister Jump... the Jumps are a family that Curt grew up with in Florida


We got to the zoo and took a loop around...

...and after a little bit were joined by my Mom and Shane and Melynda and her kids.

This would have been a great picture if I had, you know, focused on Mom and Shane instead of the fence.

cute husband
Ellie and Des rode in the wagon most of the day...until Des got tired and needed a nap and in his crankiness he kicked her out. Yikes.
The cute squishy Londynn and Grandma

My Melynda 
I love that Mia's doing a happy pose between two who were over pictures

Most of the crew
This polar bear swam right up to the window and was looking out at the kids, but I wasn't quick enough with the camera...this is a moment after.



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