Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Great Trek 2013: part VI, Utah Again

We got to hang out with family a whole bunch...which is exactly why we were visiting.

David had us all over for a barbeque one evening.
Kinsey and Evie, sporting matching cardigans
Lane and Londynn

On another night there was a birthday party for Jex.
Melynda made this really neat cake.

It's always a challenge to get all of the grandkids looking at the camera at the same time
My Nina
Kiddos watching the cake being cut, they can hardly wait
We also were able to go to a great barbeque at a good friends home in Bountiful.
Grandma Katie with the newest granddaughter

I always end up with way more pictures of the kids, they're just cuter.

{cute picture below by Stacia Klemas}
 {cute picture below by Stacia Klemas}
And then another barbeque for Memorial Day at Nina's house.

I also turned 29 while in Utah.
Curt planned a family get together at Leatherby's for it.
Man I love their hot fudge sundays.
I have no photographic evidence of this event though.
Can you believe that this doesn't conclude the "Great Trek 2013" coverage?
This almost concludes May.
...I just need to do a post on our trip to the Hogle Zoo...
...and then June...
Yes, I spent most of June in Utah too.
Curt was only there for a few days of June though, because he started his new job on June 10th.


Sharee said...

I love reading all your updates and seeing your cute pictures. Makes me miss your family. Ohh, the days when we were young and actually saw each other at least once a year. Too bad we all have to grow up.

Curt Hostetler said...

Are you going to be at the family reunion next week? I know Carmen would love to see you (me too :) - if not, we'll have to plan a trip to CA since we can fly free now!

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