Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Great Trek 2013: part III, Atlanta Contract & Phoenix

So, I told you about how we're under contract on a house.
What I didn't tell you was that we put an offer on this house without actually seeing it.
Crazy right?

Well, on our first stop in Atlanta before heading to Florida we looked at a lot of houses with our agent.
We narrowed it down to two we liked enough to live in, but one of them went under contract that day.
We put an offer on the second one, but they received another offer the same day and picked that one.
So we resigned ourselves to some more research and waiting to see what came to market.

Rewind a bit to our Christmas Florida trip...
We had stopped for a day in the Atlanta area we were looking to live in to get a feel for neighborhoods.
We drove into one neighborhood and fell immediately in love.
We eliminated it from our search later because home prices were more than we were wanting to pay and the longer than optimal commute.

Fast forward back to our time in Destin.
We find the listing of the house.
It's in the neighborhood we loved.
It's actually listed by our real estate agent.
It's a price we're good with for what the house looked like and its specs.
So we made an offer.
The seller made a counteroffer.
We accepted.

One other important note that makes this less Georgia you have 14 days to take back the offer for any reason.

So from Destin we backtracked a bit and looked at the house to make sure there was no deal breaker awfulness.
There wasn't.

So then we drove to Phoenix to see my Grandma and Grandpa.

It was a lovely stay that included some of the best that any Phoenix trip can offer:
Grandma's food
Grandpa's barbecuing
A trip to last chance for some fabulous shoes

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