Saturday, June 15, 2013

Great Trek 2013: part I, Family Fun in Florida

We left Michigan on April 10th and drove down to St. Pete's Beach, Florida.
{with a house hunting pit stop in Atlanta}
Curt's cousin, Robert, was getting married to his sweetheart, Dianna.

Poor Des had a flu bug so we did a lot of cuddling and Curt lost the game of hot potato and was the lucky one to get puked on at the end of the evening.  That might be a little TMI, but it does explain why my usual trigger happy self came away with way fewer pictures than this gorgeous setting deserved.

I didn't take this next photo, the wedding photographer did, but this post felt incomplete without including the bride and groom.

We then drove to West Palm Beach to stay a few days with Curt's parents.
Des slept a lot and then transformed back into his very energetic self.

Curt's cousin, Chris, and his family were in Florida for the wedding also and they popped in for a visit.

We visited a couple different beaches {one with an "A-ground" that Des was thrilled about}

And then we were off onto the next leg of the trip in a different part of Florida.

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