Sunday, June 16, 2013

Great Trek 2013: part II, Beach House in Destin

We drove from West Palm Beach to Destin, Florida, where we had rented a beach house for a week.

We stopped off to see the Grandparents in Orlando...

..and then stayed the night in Gainesville with Jeff and Alison.

 They then joined us in Destin for the weekend...

{start of pictures I stole from Alison}

red-headed baby who gets to stay in shade so as not to get burned 

 Brothers and their boys

{end of pictures I stole from Alison}
Jeff and Alison left and we stayed on for the week.'s the house we stayed in... was really nice.  So relaxing to have your own space and kitchen, etc...

...the house came stocked with a wagon that we took on nightly walks...

While the beach was lovely, we actually spent a large portion of our time at the community pool. was just cleaner, not very many people were there, and we could see it from our front window...

It was a wonderful week.
We then packed up and headed West for the next portion of our trip.

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