Sunday, August 22, 2010

Electronic Gadgets Update

If you will recall, back in December I did an introduction to our new "master control" and then went over some possible gadget plans for this year.

Well, I thought that I would do a review because, while none of the projects mentioned in my last post have moved forward even slightly, I naturally decided to take care of an item that no one sees/cares about but myself.
That rat's nest of cords shown in the gadget review....let me refresh your memory:

Well, it now looks like this:

First I had to spend some time unplugging and untangling...

...then I mounted the cord tray and two power strips to the underside of the desk...

...then I filled it up...

...and now I am happy that I don't have to look at cords on the floor.

Oh, and to review where we are at on the "Electronics that possibly make the 'to buy in 2010'" list":
1. New mini laptop for Curt. We bought this for Curt in January.
2. A laser printer. Still on the list.
3. Someday I would like a nice digital SLR camera. Got it for my B-day, and love it.

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Alicia said...

That's AWESOME, Carmen. I love how you did that. It looks so much nicer. You are amazing and I'm inspired. I didn't know about those cord tray things. I just used duct tape but then it falls apart after a while. THANKS!!

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