Monday, May 31, 2010

B -Day

Birthdays are somewhat of a no big deal around here.
We usually work, we don't usually get gifts for one another, so it usually ends up playing out like any other day.

Well, a couple of things have combined to make this birthday a little more special.

1) It ended up being Memorial Day so we both had the day off of work (really awesome)
2) I've received so many well wishes (phone calls and facebook).
*Seriously, seeing how much this made my day makes me want to be better at this for others...I currently stink at it*
3) I got a killer present: A Nikon D5000
Ooooh, pretty.
OK, so I actually had it in hand before Mother's Day, but that's just because Curt can't say no to me.

Now I just need to finish reading the manual on all of it's neato features.


Alan said...

Oh no! You went Nikon!

j/k. I look forward to the even better pictures of all the cool projects.

Sheena Chaston said...

Happy Birthday! Glad it was a good one.

KYoho said...

oh enjoy! I got a canon rebel for my bday last year. I am impressed you are trying to read the whole manual...I can't make it through a page of it but mine came w/ free classes. Glad you had a good birthday!

Casey and Kaydee said...


Sharee said...

Oooooo, I would LOVE one of those someday....

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