Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summary of Things to Come...

We are home and sitting still for a minute.
Actually more than a minute, I plan on now being firmly entrenching in my normal routines until Thanksgiving.
Which is a good thing.
Perhaps I can do some laundry.
But who really wants to do that.
Not I.

Here's what I need to cover in my next few posts:
  • Most of my siblings + my mom + my baby niece's real life visit to my house
  • My little brother, David's, birthday at my house
  • trips with aforementioned people: 1) Kirtland, 2) Palmyra, 3)Niagara Falls
  • The 4th of July with the people at my house
  • A trip to middle-of-nowhere Illinois for a good friend's wedding
  • Putting down weed and feed to, you know, kill the weeds and feed the grass.  Only it sucked the life out of our grass.  Bummer.
  • Trip to Florida to surprise my mom-in-law for her big 50th B-Day
  • The ongoing attempt to repair the lawn
  • My fabulous flowers that I tell myself make up for the rest of my yard.

Right now I am attempting to edit some of the 1 beeleeon pictures I took with my schnazzy camera.
Wish me luck.

And...since I can't possibly do a post without at least a sampling of said beeleeon pictures, I present to you what happens when sibling time happens near cameras.
Because it's perfectly natural to take beautiful pictures capturing every, single, sexy, sleepy eyed, pajama-ed, bedheaded, close up detail, right?

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