Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Melynda!

Today is my Nina's 25th birthday.
A quarter of a century, man that's old.
I thought in celebration I would break out some old pictures, some she's never seen before:

Grandpa reading Me and Nina a book

Sleepy Nina on Dad's lap

So much to love about this picture.
Nina's pretty eyes, Lane resting his chubby cheeks on newborn David.

Ha, Nice. Nina making a face.

The fambly at the grandparents for Christmas.
Nina is on Grandpa's lap, I have my arm around his shoulder.

Nina's on the far right.
Check out bruiser Lane, second from the left.

I love the way Nin is looking at Katie, she was such a cool older cousin for playing with us.

David, Lane, Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Melynda, Me

Same table, different meal.
left to right: Kristy, David, Lane, Nina, Karalee, Me.

Aunt Bev, Aunt Marsha, child cousin (sorry can't tell who, if I had to guess I would guess Shanny), and Melynda up at Grassy.

Happy birthday my little sister.  I love you!

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