Saturday, June 6, 2009

Brielle's Room: Before & After

Well, since Brielle's closet already was more full than this...

There was no point in buying my niece more clothes.
But then, what to get her?

Silly people, I love paint, I will make her room fun.

Melynda had already saved up and gotten a beautiful crib set that will convert into a child's bed.

Three of the walls were white white, and the fourth wall was dark brown from this project we did when this was Lane's room.

You can't tell very well from the picture, but I painted the three white walls cream.
I used the same dark brown paint from the solid wall to do two stripes, used a light tan for two more stripes, and painted the center pink.

Another Before.

Another After.

We chose the paint colors (well, besides the existing dark brown) from her cute bedding.

We mounted her name with wooden letters.
Sorry, the flash made the letters harder to see than they are in real life.

To do this finish Lane got all crafty and painted all the letters the dark brown.
Then he and I painted two coats of the cream color.
Then I took a sheet of sandpaper to the edges, just enough to get to the brown layer.
Easy peasy and I just love the look.

Other details of the room:

This is a diaper cake that Melynda's friend, Kylee, made.

It has so many awesome details!

We got this little lamp from IKEA.
It's so pretty and is only $8.99 (but doesn't come with a light bulb, doh!).

For anyone who knows Nina this is soo her.

My sister is also a hick (ha ha, she was in FFA, cracks me up), and so Brielle is going to be a darling little cowgirl. She already has pink John Deere boots.

To go with the whole hick motif Melynda kept in the nursery Lane's bull horns which he got on his mission in Texas.

Oh my silly Nina. {shaking head and laughing}


Cathi said...

I love it. You are one talented girl!
I especially love the way you did Brielle's name in letters. I did my guest room bedroom set the same way except used dark green as the base color.

Carmen said...

Thanks Cathi, I had a lot of fun with this!

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