Friday, May 1, 2009

What I've been up to...

So, I've recently been reminded that I don't really post anything on here. Not that I want to give any excuses, but I have been busy with school. I'll be taking the Spring and Summer off for some long overdue vacation, and then I start back in the fall with 2 more classes. At my current pace, I'm only 20% done with my program after this first year (for those who are counting, that means four years to go). Sometimes, 5 years sounds way too long. I'll admit, we've toyed with the idea of speeding it up, but then it would be even more difficult to pay for (each class here costs about as much as 2 full-time semesters at BYU, and we're not getting loans for the portion my work doesn't reimburse). Plus...the way the economy is, do I really want to be entering the job market sooner?

I don't mean to brag, but I've done well in school so far. University of Michigan Business School is funny about their grading system though, they don't give letter grades. I'm not how it got started, probably someone not wanting to make people feel bad for not being the best at everything (bunch of crap...). Anyways, instead of A,B,C,D, and F for their grading scale, it goes Excellent, Good, Pass, Low Pass, and Fail. It's really the same requirements, but somewhere, someone probably decided that 'Low Pass' didn't sound as bad as a D, and 'Pass' didn't sound as bad as a C (hmm...I haven't taken and 'Pass/Fail' classes here yet, but I'm seeing how that could potentially get confusing on a transcript...)

So far, I have received all Excellent grades in all of my classes! I'm feeling pretty good about that, because I've never had a 4.0 GPA. The closest I ever got in high school was when I had 6 A's and a B. The B? Yeah, it was in P.E. Turns out, attendance is a big part of your grade. Doh. I think in college, I had a couple other semesters that I was just as close, but never quite got a 4.0. So there it is! If I actually received a physical report card, and if we actually put things on the fridge, that's where it would be! 4.0 for 2 straight semesters, baby! Wooooooo!

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Peter said...

I like how uppety schools make their own grading system. Vanderbilt used a normal 4.0 grading system, but they created a weird curve and then refused to let people see class rankings. I guess U. Mich and Vandy are fancy enough to let the school name do most of the work. Congrats, Curt, for doing so well.

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