Monday, May 18, 2009


My camera won't turn on.
{yes, I've tried charging the battery, hopefully I'm not that brain dead}
This is terrible timing as we are vacationing next week {3 and 1/2 more work days *:)*} and vacationing requires mucho pictures to be taken.

We do have a back up...but we got a new camera for a reason.
The old camera doesn't take as clear of pictures.

Darn it.
I'm going to go mess with it some more.


Shauna said...

Maybe we should have a family fast for the camera to work...there are priorities in life...espcially when vacation photos are concerned!

Carmen said...

Good idea. :)
We've ordered a replacement battery that will meet us at my mom's house, hopefully that will solve the problem. Cross your fingers.

kat said...

wait... are you in utah already? or this weekend? grrr... ah this is why melynda is blessing baby ellie this weekend right? i think we are gonna be in delta so we prolly wont see you... how long are you out for? if we dont see you, have fun out here lol and kiss the baby for me~!

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