Sunday, May 3, 2009

Green Stuff

We still do not have a proper concrete driveway.
It is in our contract with the builder that it has to be done (along with the final engineered lot grade) by June 30th.
Until they get completely done with the prep work we can't really do anything with the yard, which would be OK by me except for we have some awesome friends that gave us a bunch of bulbs/plants (Daisies, lilies, and some other cool stuff) from their yard to get a head start on ours and I don't want them to die.

So, we improvised and now have some $3 storage bins used as planters until we can actually do things.
I underestimated how happy these things would make me, I now grin every time I go out my front door.

In other news, Spring is beautiful here.

This is a tree outside the Dental School.

Daffodils outside the Business School.

Neat storm clouds above our across the street neighbor's houses.

More neat clouds to the side of our house.

Pretty sunset taken from our master bedroom window.

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