Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cool windmills

During our drive, we came across a lot of cool windmills. I'm curious to know how much power these generate. I'm told that these big ones generate about 1MW at peak capacity, but haven't been able to find anything to confirm that (any links would be appreciated, just to satisfy my curiosity).

While it's really cool that we are seeing more of this type of power, it still represents a rather insignificant portion of our countries power consumption. I recently ran across this on a friends blog, and I'm glad he posted it. I had heard about it on npr, then promptly forgot to look it up after getting out of the car.

These pictures were taken in Iowa. I've heard people complain about driving through Iowa, and I have to disagree. Yes, it can be boring, and repetitive, but it's not nearly as bad as Nebraska or Wyoming.
Big windmills

We saw a few of these trucks hauling windmill blades. They travel in packs of 3, and they hang off the back of the trailer by a few feet.
They don't stand out too well, but on the horizon you can see multiple windmills. This picture only shows about 1/3 of the windmills that were visible at that spot.

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Peter said...

Whoa, those trucks carrying windmill blades are kinda cool. They don't look that big on the horizon, but they're huge up close.

And yeah, driving through Nebraska and Wyoming on I-80 is pretty boring. Done it several times, and can't remember much about it.

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