Thursday, March 20, 2008

Some people are scum....

So, I flew Frontier from Detroit through Denver to Salt Lake on Tuesday. Everything seemed all good and nice, Mom was able to pick me up right when I got my luggage and it was a beautiful day outside. Unfortunately, that night when I opened my luggage I found that an airport employee had stolen things. I had brought our Wii with me so that everyone could have fun playing with it, and I was excited because Lane had never played one. Well, you guessed it, the Wii, the two remotes, and all of the games were what was stolen out of my bag. There is some irony in the fact that the aforementioned scumbag airport employee left the guitar (making it impossible to play the Guitar Hero they stole) and they left the sensor that sits on top of the TV that makes playing with the regular remotes possible. Hey, nobody ever claimed all thiefs are smart.

So, several things came out of this.
1) I love my husband. I was dreading telling him that his beloved video game system was gone, but he responded with a "hey, it's only money" and a "just as long as you make it home safe to me". Aahh cute, almost made me want to cry again. (Yes, I had been so stinking angry that I, Carmen-the-broken-person-who-doesn't-cry-at-sad-things had had tears running down my splotchy face).
2) We are a carry on only family from now on when it comes to traveling. In hind sight Curt did mention that I should carry on the Wii, but I was already carrying on the laptop plus it's so nice to not have to mess with the overhead bin plus I am a small person and trying to get everything manhandled through security is a pain....oh well, we will deal with that particular pain in the future.
and 3) Frontier (and probably all other airlines) have a stupid policy. They will cover up to $3000 worth of luggage if it is destroyed while under their care, but do you think that they will cover a couple hundred dollars worth of stuff that one of their employees stole while under their care? No. Electronics are specifically excluded from any coverage (Along with a long list of other items, including what they call "designer clothes items". Ha, I bet that they can stretch that description to include all items of clothing). Lame, I know.


Shauna said...

Total Scum... amen!

Sharee said...

Oh man - I was STEAMING by the time I finished reading this post, hence, the comment. I am SO sorry Carmen! I am never putting my camera or anything else in my bag anymore! I can't believe airlines can get away with this crap! Their policy is basically ENCOURAGING employees to steal since the airline won't cover it. I can't believe this - I am going to call and tell Brandon right now. OK, I know some things make me a little too passionate, but this is ridiculous!

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