Thursday, March 6, 2008

Can I pretty please start my job yet?

I am so bored.
I had a teacher once that said truly intelligent people are never bored. That was in early middle school and I made a goal that I would never be bored because I wanted to be intelligent. So I found outlets...I made improvements to my mom's house, I read a lot, I learned to do well on my own and be self entertaining, I got a job just as soon as I was old enough, and then got one or two more.
But this having weeks of time on my hands is killing me. Sitting inside my apartment all I really want to do is sand down all the walls and re-texture them; plus I rip out the kitchen cabinets in my mind every time I walk by/into that room. I really want to go to the library, so once I get my MI drivers license I'm all over that. Hmmmm, maybe they will take the electric bill we just got as proof that we live here. I may have to try that.
I'm so very glad that I start my job on Monday.

Yesterday I spent a couple hours driving around to check out possible areas we want to live in. I am getting pretty good at this not-getting-lost-even-without-my-mountains-to-reference thing. Sorry, no pictures. It was snowy and most neighborhoods were not plowed, so I needed all of my faculties to drive. Today I think that I will go spend a couple hours at IKEA.

And since I cannot go two posts in a row without pictures, here are some mission pics of Lane...who comes home in less than two weeks...woo hoo!


Shauna said...

This is the week I should have had you HERE! We could have been painting Meg's room and you could have put in crown moulding. It will take us a month!

Carmen said...

You're right, I would have enjoyed that.

Britney said...

They should let you get a library card with a bill that has your new address on it. I don't know about Michigan, but they allowed it in Texas and I'm pretty sure in Utah too.

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