Monday, March 3, 2008

Kudos to Chris at the Utah DMV...

...for doing her job promptly and for making my day just that much better.

For, you see, I lost my Utah drivers license on my recent trip to Florida (causing a traumatic scene in the airport when the realization hit, I am just NOT that irresponsible! p.s. apparently I am, because the license is indeed gone). Thus, when going to the Michigan SOS, which is their department for drivers licenses, I needed a faxed confirmation that my license there was in good standing (otherwise I would have to take drivers ed, take the test, ect other unpleasant things). The people at the Michigan SOS were so very helpful (shocking, yes?) and then Chris who answered the phone at the Utah DMV actually...wait for it...faxed the needed confirmation right while I was on the phone with her instead of telling me she would get to it____ (this afternoon, tomorrow, next week, some other time frame) thus causing another trip across town to the SOS. How wonderful.

On another note, it is warm enough here to be raining at the moment. I am going to be happy about that right now and ignore the fact that it's supposed to turn to snow tonight and tomorrow.

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Shauna said...

The stars were shining on you today. What a great welcome to Michigan!

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