Monday, March 24, 2008

Family shin dig

Sunday was great. Lane gave an awesome talk on the atonement and then we had family over for the now traditional Joe Morley's barbecue sandwiches.

Mom and Lane

Lane and Dom

Shaun and Chad

Melynda and David's friend Kelsey

Shane and his "fort" in the backyard

Shantal, Kristi, and Marsha

Nicole, Jann, Lynne', and Dustin

Shannon, Camille, Alisha, Sherlin, Brian, and Keith's arms

Brian and Keith

Brian, Shannon (isn't she cute), Dale, Camille, and their baby Brayden

Grandpa and Grandma Losee, Bob and Lynne'

Lots of family


Sharee said...


Cathi said...

What a fun time! Don't you just love parties at home?

Carmen said...

You're right, I love seeing family and I love for it to be at home so I don't miss a minute of it.

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