Thursday, July 19, 2007

job sites I manage...

It's pretty fun seeing a couple of the projects that I have managed wrap up. Here's a couple pictures of the townhomes we've built in Pleasant Grove and in Sandy, UT. If you want to see more pictures feel free to go to our website at (also feel free to give me suggestions on the company website, I'm still working on it).

A 4-plex in Pleasant Grove

An 8-plex in Sandy

A walk way behind a couple buildings at PG

These homes in Sandy have a fun backyard, right on the other side of the 4-rail fence is a golf course. As you can see they had just put this sod in, and some of it hasn't taken root yet.


Shauna said...

Nice.... These remind me of where Aunt Carol lived.

The Golden Child said...

i really like them! good project! you and curt should buy for does come early for some ;) would help with Curt's Golden Child status!!!

Britney&Brock said...

Curt, i'm sorry you feel left out. We didn't want anyone to have to spend money to see us, so we were thinking about going to Lake Powell or something and getting all of our Provo friends to come down, but Derek and Cody both offered to fly down here, so we just left it at that. You and Carmen are welcome to come down any time and we'll go to the island again!

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