Monday, July 2, 2007

Curt's Birthday (early)

For my birthday this year, I got a grill! I don't have a picture of it, but this is a picture of the model. I know, I know, my birthday isn't for another 2 weeks, but I already knew what I was getting, and I wanted to be able to grill on the 4th of July. Carmen doesn't like getting surprised, and so didn't want to surprise me (plus she needed someone who could lift the dang thing and load into the back of the car).

It's also nice, because I get home first every day, now I can grill up burgers, chicken, steaks, or whatever before Carmen gets home. Speaking of which, I would really like the recipe for the chicken on a stick. I remember is being easy, but I don't remember the exact ingredients.

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Shauna said...

Chicken on a Stick. Chicken Breasts cut into long thin pieces. Place them on wooden skewers. Marinate in a mixture of Kraft Original BBQ Sauce with about a half bottle of Good Seasons Dressing (make sure you make the Good Seasons with Cider Vinegar) Pop them on the grill. Paint with leftover BBQ sauce mixture as they are cooking. They cook quickly as the chicken is thin! Enjoy!

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