Friday, July 6, 2007

4th of July...

HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!!! Well, as we can all see I have problems operating a camera without making it blurry... so sorry. We had a BBQ at our house for the holiday with my Mom, Dad, and Step-Mom (and of course Shane). Curt grilled up some oh-so-fantastic steaks on the early birthday present and then we had the traditional homemade vanilla ice cream. Afterwards we had some fireworks, one of the many times we love living in a circle. This is the first year that I think Shane was truly excited for them.

This is the contrast between Shane (a little boy loving being out of school for the summer and spending every minute of it outdoors) and Dad (someone who has to work while the sun is out, plus I can't ever remember seeing him in shorts). Pretty Startling.

I had taken a picture of everyone together waving, but it was so blurry you couldn't see people. So we get a uninvolved candid shot of everyone watching Shane be excited.

Me and Shaners with sparklers, my all time favorite!

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