Thursday, June 22, 2017

Utah - beginning of May

I'm so lucky that, even if I can't live by family, I can visit pretty frequently.
We had a dinner thing at BYU at the beginning of May, so I headed out at the end of April with two kids and Curt joined a bit later with the other two.

One of the reasons we didn't all go together was Des had a farm field trip that Curt had signed up to join the class for. It ended up being a good thing Des had his dad, as he threw up there and had to go home and sleep. 
That night was supposed to be the church father/son campout, but sickness made it so that my boys didn't attend.

I joined Mom and Melynda that night at Texas Roadhouse to celebrate Ellie's 8th birthday.

{our kids are expert travelers at this point}

{I love these two together, I'm glad they have each other}

{checking out Melynda's new car}

{Mom's landscaping is coming in great}

{a visit to my cousin's house, always a favorite for me and my kids}

{We ran into my aunt and uncle's neighbor at BYU, love small world moments}
And then back home again.

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