Thursday, April 27, 2017

right now...

-is working with the young men at church (plus, as always, playing the organ)
-has been the initiator on us preparing to do a Whole30, we start after we get back from a trip next week, wish us luck

-still the primary president at church
-working on a scanning project of Curt's grandpa's pictures

-finishing up kindergarten
-reads anything and everything (including chapter books and scriptures)
-lost one top front tooth and is about to lose the other
-is loud and dramatic and intense

-loves her new baby brother and calls herself his 'protector'
-is reading books of small words (bob books, simple Dr. Seuss)
-is amazing with numbers, counts all the time, does double digit addition
does a weird/cool thing and calls each letter its corresponding number (for example 'the 20 letter' is T) 
-is going to be so bored, she still has another year of preschool as she's not old enough for kindergarten
-is an easy going sweetheart most of the time, but has a naughty streak (still with a smile on her face), and then has the occasional inconsolable weepy waily meltdown

{every time I do her hair she wants me to take a picture of the back to show her}

-knows his letters, their sounds, and can count to 20
-is happy and sweet but is two, meaning he gets into absolutely everything
-is a little monkey, jumping, climbing, doing somersaults
-wants to do everything on his own, 'I do it'

I worry about him more than my other kids at this age because he just gets an independent thought of something he wants to do and just does it. It's scary because he's clever enough that he knows how to get out of the house, open the garage, etc. 
My dad as a two year old went out on his own and started the tractor but somehow avoided getting seriously hurt or killed, McKay is reminiscent of that...hopefully he has the same guardian angels. 

-has gotten his cute chub on
-smiles like crazy and tries so hard to talk to you in his little baby voice
-is kind of a spit up monster

Major projects going on or on the horizon: 
-we'll be fencing in a portion of the back yard soon
-we had 10 tons of topsoil delivered and have been working on shaping the contours of the back yard
-I'm contemplating ripping out our run down deck and having a large concrete patio poured
-at some point I'm going to give the kitchen a mini refresh (new back splash, etc)
-I've finished painting the exterior field color of the house gray, but now need to replace or patch some water damaged spots and paint the white trim.

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