Friday, June 23, 2017

April and May

Here's a few snippets from the last months:

{this was one of the reasons we needed dirt, there shouldn't be a drop off the edge of the concrete}

{Evie and I went on a date to see Beauty and the Beast (not 3D, she just found these glasses)}

{attending the baptism of a couple boys in the ward, there are a bunch of helpful kids that love our babies}

{little monkeys doing things they shouldn't}

 {lots of just hanging out together}

 {foggy evening in our side yard}

{a new niece! Nora, born to Kinsey and Lane}

{Curt brought a couple of the kids to a party at his work}

We started a Whole30.
I made it a measly 5 days being 100% (I just want oatmeal or cereal for breakfast).
Curt made it a lot longer.
I've continued to make more healthier meals though, so it wasn't all for naught.
Maybe if I enjoyed being a cook more, but I don't.
Constant. Vegetable. Chopping.

{Evie had her preschool end-of-year program}

{she got the best storyteller award, always chattering :)

 {one of the girls at church who help me with the kids every week, she was also a helper in Evie's preschool. love her}

{Desmond's class had a mother's day spa, it was cute}

{my husband is also cute}

{mother's day}

{Curt brought Evie to 'bring your kid to work' day, she got to go to lunch at waffle house with him}

{one of Des' cool contraptions}

{a birthday party with friends before they moved to Utah}

{we got some dress up clothes from our neighbors, she always wears many things at once}

{neighborhood pool party}

{my aunt, uncle, and cousin stopped by on a road trip}

{instead of cake, I made orange and cinnamon rolls for my birthday. I turned 33}

{this is what our pool looks like in the morning after the neighborhood swim team is done practicing. This is when I like to go, with no people}

 {Curt had an overnight leadership retreat at work. He got to have some fun. 100 rounds left it's mark on his shoulder though}

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