Tuesday, September 29, 2015


We've been looking for excuses to head back to Michigan to visit.
Curt was going to head up with his dad for the Michigan/BYU football game this past weekend.
But then Ron had to have unexpected eye surgery and couldn't go.
And I found out some friends who had moved away at the same time as us were going to be there also.
So I decided to head up too. With the kids. The next day.
Look at me being all spontaneous.

I flew up Friday morning and Curt joined us Friday night.

{first stop, food and ice cream at Culver's}

I stopped by my old work at the U of M power plant and got to visit with many people that I love.

{stopped at a park to let the kids get some of their wiggles out}

Spent the evening at the Sylvesters and several friends stopped by so it was a little party.

Stayed in a hotel near the airport and was pleasantly surprised at how well the kiddo sleeping arrangement went.

Saturday morning we went to the BYU tailgate party.
Walked in as they were saying an opening prayer and while the folks at the next party over were blasting Eminem, hilarious contrast. 

{Fall is arriving in MI!}

Tailgating happens on the U of M golf course {and lots of other places too}. Always strikes me as odd, but I guess it makes sense...beautiful open space close to the stadium, and they must rake in enough from entrance fees to make the grass repair work worth it. 

Saw many people at the party {so fun!}, but here's a picture with my good friend's husband {so sorry you weren't there too, Lori}.

Since we did have the kids, and most everyone we know was also at the game, we took turns at the game.
I went in for the first 20 minutes or so, got my fix of taking pictures, seeing the crowd and the stadium, partaking of the atmosphere, then switched with Curt for the rest of the game. 

{see the buildings being built way back there, just thought they were neat}

 {the Big House is an amazing place}

...and BYU got soundly beat.
But it was fun to attend.

We went to our friends, Sharon and Anthony's, for dinner and then headed for the airport so Curt could be back to play the organ in church on Sunday.
And then Curt was back in Michigan on Monday for a day for work. 
Funny the timing on that.

I very much loved seeing so many friends. Sad it was impossible to see everyone, but pleased we saw so many.

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