Thursday, September 10, 2015

Labor Day: Pensacola

We did a road trip down to Pensacola for the holiday weekend to see Jeff and Alison.
We left Friday evening and the kids slept part of the way.

{we keep the seats we don't use out of the way, all that space feels luxurious}

Saturday morning we headed to the beach.
I would have expected it to be packed since it was a holiday, but most people didn't start showing up until we were leaving around lunch time. 
The cousins had fun playing together.


That night we went to downtown Pensacola to eat at the permanent food trucks.  
It was a really cute area with some beautiful buildings and a fun atmosphere.
I ate at the fresh mex place, the salsa was really tasty.

{of course I had to get my picture with a sign that had my name}

{the kids found a stage and put on an interpretive dance show}

The rest of the trip was low key...hanging out at home and attending church.

{family walk down the cul-de-sac before church} 

{the kids in the backyard Monday before we headed back home}

{Hostetler boys}

{all the grandkids on Curt's side of the family}

{in Alabama we saw 1.99/gallon gas, had to document}

{stopped at the waffle house for lunch, because breakfast seems to be some of the only restaurant food our kids will eat}

{gorgeous country}

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