Friday, January 10, 2014

right now...

Curt & Carmen:
doing about the same as in the last 'right now' post, so I'll not repeat it

-is so particular about how certain routines should be played out (ie bedtime, Dad leaving for work)
I hesitate to publicize the following, but this is my only record keeping for stuff like this, so...
-is a major grump and is rarely nice to his little sister
-is turning three next month so maybe that will magically end this phase...ha! wishful thinking
-is incredibly cuddly and affectionate most of time
-is also so, so funny. Ask us about his Buzz Lightyear dance.

-pretty much started full-time walking this past week, it's a cute zombie walk
-has nine teeth, including a brand new molar
-plays peek-a-boo with hands or anything else that's handy
-I'm finally pretty sure that she's saying a few words 

hi : hi
chssss : cheese
{for picture taking, not food eating}
tka-tka : tickle tickle
{accompanied by tickling hand motion}
maybe mama and dada, still hard to tell if that's on purpose

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