Monday, September 9, 2013

right now...

Time to check in with a little bit about us right now.

-is enjoying his new job in Finance at Delta
-at church is the organist, choir accompanist, and music chair
-is happy to have time to read for fun now that school is done

-is busy taking care of the babies and chipping away at the house to-do list
-at church just got called as the cub scout committee something or other...I have lots to learn

-knows all letters, upper- and lower-case, and is starting to sound words out
-can reliably count to 12
-is singing a songs, nursery rhymes, movie tunes...he loves them all
-related, he frequently speaks in movie quotes, cracks me up
-is either super happy and sweet or a huge grump, sometimes within seconds of each other.  The grumpiness is usually triggered by his dislike of Evie.  Someday they'll be friends (Evie adores him).

-has army crawled for months now
-recently started crawling up stairs and pulling up on things
-has four teeth
-is happy and sweet and usually wide open mouth grins when you look at her


a rare-but-getting-more-regular hug from Des to Evie

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