Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Day trip to Salt Lake

This past Saturday was busy. 
That morning we hopped on a plane for Salt Lake and that night we got on a plane headed back to Atlanta.

On this trip we were able to see family {love}, Leatherby's {love}, Cafe Rio {love}, and some winter {love to not live in it}.

My sister and the red-headed babies.

Her eyes were popping.

Loved to get a taste of a storm, loved that it didn't mess with our plans, and loved to leave it in Utah.
There's usually a view of a lake and mountains, see here for reference.

Evie checking out the white stuff.

Mom has a train set that circles the tree...Des played with it for a long time and is still talking about it.
Here's a better picture of it:
 The nativity I grew up with. Yes, Christmas time at home is always nostalgic.

Cute baby girl who looks so grown up with shoes on.
Oh, AND SHE TOOK HER FIRST STEPS with lots of family to see, and promptly then took like 6 or 7 steps.
I think she just saw Londynn walking around and thought, 'huh, you're kind of my size, I can do that too'.

Then we bundled up really warm and headed downtown for the lights at Temple Square.

...and now I will inundate you with pictures of that.  They make me happy.

Luckily Des slept through all of this.
I say lucky because he had not napped and if he had been awake we would not be able to look at the lights due to his extreme talent at tiredness encouraged high pitched screaming tantrums.
One of which told us it was time to leave the moment he woke up.

We warmed up briefly in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, said our goodbyes, and headed to the airport to wait for our flight home.

I'm so glad to have been able to briefly see all those we were able to and sad we missed others.
I am also so so thankful that we were able to get home to our house before my body decided to incapacitate me for three days with some sort of gut ailment and to Curt for taking over for those days.


Sheena said...

Beautiful temple square pictures! Makes me a bit nostalgic for a Utah Christmas too...

Carolyn said...

Why in the world did you do it in one day?! The pictures are super pretty though. Your kids are getting so big! I love the red hair. :)

Carmen said...

We did it in one day because it was kind of spontaneous and Curt didn't have vacation scheduled. It's a fun perk with Curt's work that we get to fly for free, but only if there are unsold seats on the plane. We headed back on Saturday night because the flights on Sunday looked more likely to sell out. Crazy, but a day that I got to spend with family that I wouldn't have otherwise. I love the red hair too; hopefully more of my kids have it.

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