Wednesday, September 25, 2013

family pictures...back in May

Way back in the midst of our couple month vacation we had family pictures taken with my family.

Kinsey's mom {Deborah from} was our photographer, which is never easy with such a large group.

Yeah, my kids in particular were not happy to be there, yet she got some good shots anyways.

We were at the Noni gardens in Provo...very pretty.

It's crazy to me to see how much Evie has grown since then.

My Nina and her crew.

Lane and Kins.

Kinsey helped to pick the general color scheme for our clothes and I thought it was a fun one.

David and Kelsi.

My Shaners.


Daddy & Jann

...and an out-take that I thought was hilarious...what looks like Des casting a spell on the rest of the grandkids.
What was really happening was that he was running and jumping around and the two babies were crying.


Ashley said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the out-take as well :)

Sharee said...

Well, those turned out DARLING. Your mom is so beautiful. I wish our family did that!

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