Monday, October 14, 2013

family visits

At the end of last month Shauna got stuck in Atlanta heading back home from Salt Lake.
Kind of bummer for her, but a win for us as we got to see her for an evening.

Grandma with the Grandbabies

At the beginning of this month I was able to fly out to Utah for a little two day jaunt to go to an alumni dinner for my undergraduate program at BYU.
It was really fun to see a little bit of family and to be able to go to an adult only function {thanks for watching the kids mom!}

As it was such a quick trip I traveled really light, light enough that I didn't even pack my camera {gasp}

So, I present the two pictures I commandeered my mom's phone to take:
 Grandma and Evie

Lane {resting from the manual labor he was doing for mom's b-day present}

Then last week my Dad came to visit on a couple day stop tacked onto some business travel.
I was so excited to show him around.

We went to the Georgia Aquarium:

And hung around the house and relaxed...

...and spent time outside...

{these are taken in the part of our yard we have dubbed "the field"}

...and Daddy puttered around and fixed a few things he found needed fixed.

And after we had dropped him off at the airport Des came back to one last fun surprise from Grandpa, a tower taller than him :)

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