Thursday, December 29, 2011


Christmas was lovely this year.
Our sacrament meeting (church service) was at 10:00am and was a musical program.
My favorite was "Joy to the World" sung by the choir, accompanied by two pianists and Curt on the organ, plus the congregation joining in for the last bit.
Rocked my socks.

But before all that we did the usual Christmas morning gift unwrapping thing.
Only it wasn't normal at was our baby's first Christmas.
Don't tell him, but we didn't buy him any presents...but don't despair, the grandparents had it covered.
He loved the wrapping paper  :)
I used the self timer and tripod to document the event with a family picture.
I realize now that it probably would have been better to do this while we were, you know, dressed or something...but hey, something is better than nothing.

Curt got a new toy
{it's a kindle fire}

Des got several new toys
{and yet you see what is in his hands} tools and trucks...sounds like fun to me...

Curt was in charge of video, I covered the pictures. 

 I got a new toy too.  A nifty lens for my camera.  It has a big aperture.

Des and Curt with their electronic gadgets

I made cinnamon rolls.... 

...with cream cheese frosting...

 ...they were huge.

Speaking of huge, look at my baby's peepers.

It may look like he's awesome and is placing the final piece of this tower, but he is actually knocking it over.

Des got his two front teeth, just in time for Christmas.
They're still just poking through a little bit.

And I love that my new lens lets in so much fabulous light!

...all the better to inundate you with baby pictures, since I never took any before, right? {whoa, the sarcasm is getting a little thick here}

How was your Christmas?

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Sheena C. said...

You'll have to give a product review on the kindle fire; I'm contemplating the purchase of one when my kindle craps out and would love to hear what you guys think of it.

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