Monday, November 22, 2010

New Dining Room Chairs

So, maybe you've noticed that while we got a beautiful new dining room table back in February we have been eating at folding chairs around that table since we sold our old dining set on craigslist.

Well, this month we remedied that.

Enter 6 awesome solid hardwood carved chairs found on craigslist for $175.

Two of them have arms...

...and the other four do not.

They were a beautiful cherry stain...

but so is everything in our entire kitchen, and I'm not a huge matchy matchy fan.
So I did what I do and painted them.
Sacrilege, I know, to paint something that was beautiful already and not all nasty.

First I unscrewed and took off the seat cushions.
Then I lightly sanded the chairs down with a fine grit sand paper, just enough to take some of the shiny off and to give the paint something to grab onto.

Then I wiped them down with a slightly damp paper towel.
I made sure to get rid of all of the dust as I didn't want that to get into the paint.

I used this awesome paint.
It is Sherwin Williams ProClassic, a paint for furniture and trim and stuff like that.
It's expensive stuff, but I have them send me emails when they have sales, so I was able to get a quart for just over $10 (40% off it's regular price).
To me it's worth it because it goes on so smooth.
This project took less than 1/3 of that quart.

I only did one even coat, being mindful to have my brush strokes go with the grain when I could...

 ...but that's because I wanted the cherry stain to show through slightly... hopefully complement the finish on the table...

I love how they turned out.
And I love love love the price, considering we got all six chairs and the supplies to redo them for less than one of the chairs that are made to go as a set with the table.

What do you think?


Lane said...

Looks B-E-A-utiful Sister!!!

Alicia said...

I love it! Definitely improved. Gorgeous!!! Well done! Great buy, too! I LOVE the table and the chairs. I wish you lived closer and you could fix up my whole house.

Alan said...

I love how your posts make these kinds of projects so accessible!

Karalee Ann said...

Wow I really like it! Better than before! Good job!

Ashley said...

LOVE them!!!

Jamilla said...

Carmen, you never cease to amaze me. When you are done with all your own home decor can you come do mine?

Sharee said...

It looks BEAUTIFUL!!! Carmen, likes I said, when are you coming to help me with MY house? And where are the cute pregnant pictures?!! I am always excited to see a link saying you posted on my Google Reader. It was SO fun seeing Lane, David, and your mom at the end of November. What a wonderful family we do have. Missed your guts though.

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