Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dining Room Table

We have a new member of our household.


Isn't it a beaut?

We're going to have our first get together at the house that will include more than two people.  Our dining room table, bought when newlywed, seats four.  Those two facts don't jive with each other comfortably.
Holy Cow, does it seem like all I am doing is bombarding you with pictures of my downstairs?  I promise, soon I will blog about life beyond the house.

At any rate, I feel so grown up now that we have a table that could, you know, seat a family.  Curt looked at me weird when I told him this.  Apparently things like getting college degrees and working real jobs and buying homes rank higher to him on the adultness scale than getting dining room tables.

Anyhoo, this happens to be a Pottery Barn table.  Yeah, I know what you are thinking, "Are you out of your mind? I mean, sure, PB stuff is nice to look at and all, but have you noticed how stinking expensive they are".  
I agree.
But this was at a wondrous place called the Pottery Barn Outlet store, and it was marked almost 1/2 off just for the measly fact that it was missing the hardware to put it together.
Pshttt. No sweat.  Tell you what we did.
We went to Home Depot, got a 2 foot 3/8" diameter threaded bar, 8 nuts and washers, and a hack saw with a pack of metal cutting blades.  Total: around $12.50


Cut the threaded bar into eight 3" pieces...


 ...and put everything together.  It's seriously sturdy.


Worth $500? 


It was still a lot of money in my mind, but this thing is going to last forever it is so solid.  It weighs several hundred pounds.  And, seeing the quality of it, I have the sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that tells me I probably will not be content with lower quality on many future furniture we will just have to save longer in between purchases.


It seats six normally, and then has a leaf to add a couple spots.

For now we are using the chairs from our old set until I find replacements.  When that happens we'll probably sell the old set on Craigslist to offset some of what we spent on this new stuff.

So, what do you think?


KYoho said...

I love that table! The chairs are really cool, and what a good feeling knowing you saved so much money doing it yourself! Your whole living room/dining room looks amazing. So clean, and just the right amount of decorating.

Carmen said...

Thanks so much Kendra!

Robin and Cody said...

Hey guys-
My wife bought that same table at PB last year and got a wicked deal because it was a floor model and was missing the leaf. It is a great table, very sturdy and will probably be our family table forever. Now, if we could just find a leaf somewhere, any ideas? I tried calling PB HQ, but they said they never sell just the leaf. PS, you house looks great.

Carmen said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence on the new table Cody, and we'll definitely let you know if we ever see just a leaf (or if we have any other brilliant ideas).
Oh, and I just realized your guys' blog is not in my list on the sidebar...I will remedy that.

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