Friday, May 7, 2010

I love my Shaners...

So...I never get the mail.
I don't find it exciting enough to walk the length of the driveway to retrieve.
If I didn't have college roommates, the mail would have been woefully neglected.  I didn't even know where we kept our mail key. 

Curt on the other hand, even if he is sicky sick in bed asleep, will perk up at the sound of the mail truck and bound through snow in shorts just to get that bundle of ads.
(the only thing we seem to get as we get electronic statements and I pay bills online)

But the other day when I saw a little envelope in Curt's hand addressed in what I was sure was my beloved littlest brother's handwriting, I couldn't get over to him fast enough to rip it out of his hands.

"Dear Carmen & Curt,
The Day Befor easter
Mom, Grandma, and me whent
to see How to train a Dragon.
ToothLess is the Dragon on
the front page.  Hiccup is a Boy Like
on the front page.
P.S. I'm reading ERaGoN"

Shane is 9.  
I think he is a wonderful draw-er.

Totally made my week, maybe the whole month.

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Ashley said...

That is the best mail ever. :)

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