Sunday, March 28, 2010

Photoshop: single of Melynda

So, I feel like this is my first major redo of a picture in Photoshop.
In the past I've cropped and changed finishes on a photo, but this time  I erased a whole person.  Ta da.  Magic.

Well, I guess I should give some background info first.
As you know, we had family pictures in December.  Well, while I thought we did almost every possible combination of "this person with that person", so on and so forth, it turns out we missed getting a single shot of Nina.
Turns out that Mom wants to put a single shot on the wall of each of the kids.
Uh, that would be a problem.

So I poked around and fixed that problem.

Exhibit A: Picture of Melynda and Zan

Now, there's nothing wrong with this picture.  I find it perfectly lovely.  But sorry Zan, I cut you out.

Exhibit B: Same picture, but now of just Melynda
Isn't she purty?

It's not perfect, as it is my first attempt.  But I had to clone her hair from another picture and then rotate it to fit right and then change the saturation and light levels on just that piece of hair to make it look like the rest.  Then I cloned a part of the wall that is above and to the right of Zan's head and put it over Zan's head.  And then I cropped to be a close in head shot.
Whew, got all that?

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Casey and Kaydee said...

She has some incredible eyes!! What a cutie.

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