Tuesday, August 18, 2009


So...sorry for being scarce.
You see, we've been trying to get our yard in; and I have some more projects to show soon; and we've helped with some moving; and we've been babysitting; and we've been doing calling stuff; and we've been hanging out with friends {once till almost 1:00 in the morning...those who know me will be shocked}.
All fun stuff but not conducive to me being an on top of everything blogger.
We'll try to get back into a groove.

But at any rate...we have grass!...enough to mow! twice!
And we got a new mower {free using my Sears card points}

This picture is from a couple of days ago. I already need to take another picture as it has rained a couple of times since then and the lawn has thickened perceptibly.

This picture was taken July 6th. Pretty bare if you ask me.

Oh, but then we get these cute little tiny shoots!

And then we get fuzz.
This was taken when Curt's parents were here at the end of July.

...filling in...

A couple of our neighbors who also have new houses had the builder put in sod.
It looks really nice, and was instantly gratifying, but when we talked to them they revealed that they had paid upwards of $4000. Bleh.
So far we've just gone a little north of $50.
I have come to the conclusion that two months of waiting for seed to grow is well worth $3950.
{oh, and you can barely see that I'm in the middle of transplanting all my green porch stuff into the ground}


Peter said...

It looks great, you guys. It's funny how a nice law makes the whole house look better too.

Casey and Kaydee said...

Oh man, it is so nice to have some yard. IT LOOKS GREAT!!

Ashley Cooper said...

How exciting! And I would have to agree that waiting for seeds is easily worth that much money!

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