Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Lake

Well, as promised, here are some more pictures of the beautiful lake that we got to hang out at.
Curt's co-worker, Michael, and his wife Colleen live just off the lake and their HOA owns it.
They decided to have a shin dig where we could all play outside of work.

Curt and his Dad.

Isn't it purty?

Sheetal, Sonni, Courtney, and Amy's daughter (can't remember her name)
Literally 5 minutes later it started to briefly downpour...right when these guys were in the middle of the lake. Oops.

Down the shore line a little bit they had the kiddy place in the shallow area.
And some very soft sand...I stuck my toes in for a while.

They had two paddle boats, which kept people busy.

Must have been a good story.

Curt and John playing some sort of bean bag game...

...and Joe and Michael at the other end.

Me on my perch where I was watching the game and enjoying the views.

John was the official cook.

So nice. Shoot, if I lived here I might even be tempted to stay in Michigan after Curt graduates.
But alas, I will be getting the heck out.

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