Friday, July 10, 2009

New Toy...

So this week, we got a new toy! I say toy, but it's exactly the kind of thing you have to remind kids that it is NOT a toy. We got a new HD video camera! The best part was the price (free! - thanks to some reward points I racked up at work over the past little while). What's also really cool is that it doesn't use CD's or tapes to record to. It's all stored electronically, so no rewinding needed, you just search through the recorded files.

So, now you'll maybe start to see some cool videos on the blog. As soon as 1 - we figure out how to upload them (probably not too challenging), and 2 - we have something cool enough to record (slightly more challenging).


Ashley Cooper said...


Sheena Chaston said...

Sweet! John and I have talked about buying one, but we haven't been able to justify shelling out the money yet due to your reason #2. I can record John doing something, and then he can record me doing something but that's about it. What do we do that's interesting enough for anyone (present or future) to want to watch? Answer? Nothing.

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