Thursday, February 14, 2008


Well, I completed our taxes last night and have them submitted. I have to say, Turbo Tax just keeps making things easier and easier.

I was slightly worried that we were going to end up owing taxes (this was the first full year with both of us making post college degree salaries, so it was many multiples bigger than we had ever made before). Curt's Dad calls us DINKs, Dual Income No Kids. So, at any rate I was worried; who wants to write a check to the government?

But, (big sigh of relief) we are OK. We even get some back. Not so much that I'm steamed that the government made a lot of interest on our money while holding it this year, but enough to be a pleasant surprise as we try to have our house sell while we are across the country.

By the by, it's a possibility that we might have a house built for us in Michigan. We've checked into it a little and it seems to be a pretty screaming deal. We'll have to research more and see.

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