Monday, February 11, 2008

More Traveling

I have been in 11 different states in the past 5 days.
We made it to Ann Arbor at about midnight on Saturday evening. Dad made it back to Utah safely flying on Sunday.
We left Ann Arbor Monday morning at 2 degrees (with the wind chill they said it was in the negative 20's) and flew to wonderful sunny Florida (Curt has a work trip, and I am tagging along to hang out and visit his family). Florida for the next couple of days is having a "cold front", meaning I still saw airport workers in shorts.
Here are some more pictures from the long hours driving.

The bridge they are building to bypass driving on the Hoover Dam outside of Vegas. Isn't this just the coolest thing ever!?!

Other side of the unfinished bridge.

Snow pile in Glendale Springs, Colorado.


The "scenic route" through Colorado

Apparently we weren't the only ones to take the only I-70 alternate route through Colorado, this caravan went on for miles and miles.

Kansas had so many HUGE grain silos.

Kansas City skyline

Some cool bridges. As I was looking through the pictures that I took of the trip I realized that I have a fixation on bridges, lots of pictures.

Bridge over the Mississippi River

Illinois is absolutely beautiful, these pictures don't do justice

A farm in Illinois

A lovely sunset view through the rear view mirror in Indiana.

We will post more from Florida later.


staci annie said...

Hooray for Colorado! Thats too bad that you had to drive around that huge mess!! I love your last picture. It is so pretty.

Shauna said...

I am so happy you made it safely and are now here!!!!!!!!! You have covered some serious territory this past week!

Emily and Nikolas said...

Hey, this is Emily, Ben's sister. I always read your blog and couldn't pass up commenting on this post.

I absolutely love your KS and IL pictures. In 2006 we lived in Kansas (college days) and last year we lived in Illinois. You're 100% correct, photos can't do justice for the beauty of Illinois- we lived on the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi!

Anyway, I'm glad that you arrived at your new home safely and enjoy that Florida sunshine!! It makes me miss home reading about Wellington.

Emily and Nikolas said...

p.s.- I laughed at the picture of the "silo's". I've always called them that too, but my husband has taught me otherwise, they are actually Grain storage Bins, elevators, and a flour or feed mill. :)

Carmen said...

yes, they can be called grain elevators, ect...but silos is a recognized term also.
See here:

It's good to see who else is looking at the blog. By the way, can we be put on your "safe list" to be able to look at yours? Our emails are carmen.hostetler and


Emily and Nikolas said...

I sent you both invites- we just have it private because it's full of info about our baby.

That wikipedia article is interesting- maybe I was right when I called them silos! Then again, wikipedia can say anything because unfortunately anyone can edit it.

I'll have to show it to my husband and see what he has to say. Of course he doesn't know everything about that stuff, but his degree is very specialized in that area- Milling Science Management Operations. He works management in the milling industry. Nik told me the difference between silos, storage bins and the like, but I can't recall what he said.

I'm so curious now if you and I were correct in calling them silos that I'm going to get some of his text books out! :)

In any case, I can't believe I'm discussing silos on a blog. lol.

Mo and Jayme said...

Carmen I am very glad you de-lurked my blog. I also have been lurking occasionally on yours. I decided to comment on this post because I'm pretty sure you drove through my backyard. I live in Champaign Illinois and it looked like you were very near here. I have some cousins on the other side of the family that did the same thing last summer. I need to be more forward about our desire to see anyone we know. I'm glad we are blogging friends now. I think it's really interesting that we could spend so many family get-togethers together and still get to know each other through a blog! Oh life. It's so funny.

Carmen said...


Your husband is probably right. I certainly don't have a degree in anything close to farming anything, just building stuff. My only background is that my grandparents and now my dad own a farm in po-dunk, outskirts of Delta, UT (so they talk farm talk a lot). At any rate, thanks for letting us look at your blog now.


I'm sorry we passed right by you without doing anything about it. I'm sure soon I will know those feelings of being so far away from family. That will be new and different. Maybe if we do the drive again we can plan to stop by (although I'm not truly a fan of driving for days on end).

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