Saturday, February 9, 2008

Friday Travel

So we didn't make it as far as we wanted to Thursday due to I-70 being closed in Colorado. When we woke up in the morning it was still closed and the predictions weren't good for being open all of Friday. So we looked for alternate routes. We ended up driving the "scenic route", which took us 6 hours to get through, but we figure it was a good thing we did as I-70 was still closed when we checked last night. On this "scenic route" (highway 24 through the mountains and then Colorado Springs before connecting back up to I-70) we hit a few hairy spots (see white out conditions picture), but overall was stress free. But it felt SO good to be able to set the cruise control at a mile eating pace when we connected back up with the main road. We made it to Topeka, Kansas last night. We'll see how far we make it today.
white out conditions
it was very scenic and pretty

View from Colorado Springs

In Beaver before Shaners and Mom headed home and we headed east

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Shauna said...

I am happy to hear you are safe and could stop when the conditions were bad! We are praying for your safe and uneventful arrival!

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