Monday, August 29, 2016


On Friday, August 12th (Shane's 16th birthday) Evie and I flew into Phoenix for a quick weekend visit to my grandparents.
Not coincidentally, Mom and Shane were there for a visit too.

Mom makes traveling with any of the kids so easy. She picked us up from the airport, had a car seat for Evie, and had brought down kiddie pool toys for her to play with.


{grandpa's grapefruit trees, they produce the best grapefruits in the winter}

While there I was poking around some old stuff grandma has in a display case.
She has a newspaper from New York at the time of the civil war {!}
She says that her mother was visiting her grandmother and noticed that they were being used as tinder for starting fires...needless to say she confiscated any remaining and here we have it.

Grandma's house holds some of my strongest childhood memories.
Her house just has this good smell, and the scent of the pool water on the surrounding concrete, and the neighborhood desert plant smells, and the sound of the cooing doves.
And grandma's yummy food and her stocked ice cream freezer and soda fridge. 
And grandpa's loud belly laugh and the card game trash talking.
Some things I love intensely.

Sunday morning I made everyone sit for some pictures.

{four generations}

{Mom and Shane}

 {Grandma and Grandpa}

I flew home Sunday afternoon thankful for the time I got to spend there.
Curt had held down the fort admirably.
He took the boys to a wedding reception, a high school football game, the neighborhood pool, and had wrangled them at church (and still played the organ). 
Superman right there.

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