Wednesday, August 3, 2016

4th of July: Washington DC

For the fourth of July we took a quick trip up to DC.
We went straight to the airport after church for the just over an hour flight.

The White House was cool, (the back seen here) but I loved this building next door even more.
(the Eisenhower Executive building)

front of the White House, snipers on top

The Washington Monument

The National World War II Monument

The Lincoln Memorial

This is one where everyone has seen the pictures, but the massive scale just can't be absorbed except in person.

The next day we explored some more.

The United States Capitol

We popped into some of the Smithsonian Museums, but had to keep moving quickly because of the kids. 
You can't see everything, it takes multiple trips.

One of my very favorite sculptures.


4th of July parade preparations

McKay's cute position in the Air and Space Museum, so many cool things to see up there.

We had planned on watching the fireworks, staying the night again, and flying out on the first flight Tuesday morning, but it was rainy and the sky was full of low hanging clouds.
So we flew home in the evening.

  It turned out to be a really good call.
We got home and put the kids to bed at a decent hour, and when we watched the DC fireworks on TV (a PBS broadcast) it was so cloudy they substituted some of the footage from a prior year it was so underwhelming.

Successful trip all around.

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