Friday, June 10, 2016

A trip to Utah, partIV

This will be the final installment of Utah pictures.

Curt flew back to join us for the second weekend.
A series of unfortunate flight events made it so that he didn't get in until the wee hours of Saturday morning, but we were glad he made it.
Mom watched the kids during the day on Saturday so that (after Curt got a little nap) we could go to lunch with Curt's mom (who was in town from Florida) and some of Curt's second cousins. 

Then we went to the new Provo City Center Temple (housed in the restored historic Provo Tabernacle that was razed by a fire).
It is so beautiful.
The amazing woodwork throughout the interior just makes my heart happy.

{look at how cute this drinking fountain is on the grounds}

...and just for kicks I did a google search and found a sample of the woodwork:

That night we collected the kids and went to meet up with Shauna again, this time on the grounds of the Salt Lake Temple.
Since this is where we got married we always want the kids to know it's an extra special place to our family.

{the flowers, as always, were amazing}

{Kenny came too}

We went into the visitor's center to get warm and, well, visit.

{glorious place}

We went to City Creek mall across the street after to buy a treat and retrieve our vehicle to go home and put the kids to bed.

{mom's view, as you know by now, I'm obsessed}

Lane and Kinsey came over for dinner.

{Shane is working all summer at a Boy Scout camp an hour and a half away}

So I remember when Shane was born.
I was 16 and I thought 'oh my gosh, I'm going to be 32 when my youngest sibling turns 16, that is soo old'.
We'll be hitting that milestone this summer.
32 no longer feels that old :)

He got a haircut the next day and looked a little less scruffy.

{McKay being a puppy}
Mom and I went up for a ride in the mountains.

{a few years ago there was fire that wiped out the trees, it'll take a while to recover}


{the kids love mom's yard, and played in it from sun up to sun down}

Our last night there Curt and I went to a dinner at BYU. 
I always love to see Provo and campus. 

{new Provo MTC being built}

This is where the new Engineering and Technology (the college I graduated from) building will be going.
It already looks much different from this, it's currently a hole in the ground.
You can watch the construction process from the live feed they have on their website.

Curt by the newish Life Sciences Building.

The Law School and the 'Y' on our way back to our car after the dinner was over.

Then we flew home on an overnight flight.
We were experimenting whether our kids would sleep, thus making it an easier way to travel.
Experiment Fail.
We won't be taking the overnight flight with kids anymore if we can help it.
Although we are planning a trip this summer to a place where overnight is pretty much the only flight.
We're crossing our fingers that one goes better.


Anonymous said...

That trip looks fun, and man, has campus changed since we left! We went back last year and there were whole sections that I hardly recognized. Your kids are adorable, as always!

Carolyn said...

Beautiful pictures, as always! Fun to see your cute family!

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