Friday, June 3, 2016

A trip to Utah, part I

At the end of April and the beginning of May we were in Utah.
Curt helped me get there with the kids, stayed for a long weekend, flew back for work, came back for another long weekend, then we all flew home.

As per my normal, I took a bunch of pictures, so we'll break this up into a couple posts.

We flew out on a Thursday.

{oh! my mountains}

Curt took the kids out on four wheeler rides into the mountains behind mom's neighborhood.
They loved it.
{love the view from mom's kitchen}

Lane graduated with his MBA from BYU on Friday evening.

Kinsey and Mom and I don't know who else got there way early to save us good seats.



I took a bunch of pictures afterwards to mark the occasion.

{Lane and Kinsey}

{all the siblings except Tony; Melynda, Me, Lane, Shane, David}

{Mama and Lane}

{Mom, Lane, Dad}

  {Mom, Lane, Jann, Dad}

{Brooke and Kacey, two of Kinsey's sisters}

{Kinsey's grandmas and Dad with them}

{Lane with the kiddos in attendance}

Our dinner reservation wasn't for a bit so we went to a park to kill some time and get out some wiggles. 

{love how commonplace these astounding mountain views are}

 And then we all ate good Mexican food.

{Curt and I manned the kid table, chips and salsa are one of the few restaurant things they'll eat}

A really fun evening.
And that's enough pictures. 
I'll leave it there for now, having only made it through two days of the trip :)

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