Monday, August 17, 2015


So, this post is a long photo dump of our recent trip to Utah.
 The main point of this trip (besides seeing family) was to scan a bunch of old slides that my grandparents brought up and left at mom's for me. 
I was able to digitize them all, now I still need to go through and edit and clean them up. Fun project.

Utah summers I love you.

Mom has purposefully made her house a grandma house with many fun things for the grandkids.
They are safe, welcome, and happy there.

{cousins playing with play dough}

{beautiful girls, 4 months apart and good friends}

I was able to spend a fantastic chunk of time with my cousin Sharee and her kids. 

{mama is so good with kids}

Curt flew out to spend 24 hours with us on the weekend.
Got together with the Topham clan for the baptism of my cousin's oldest.
I can't believe we're old enough that stuff like that is going on.

I drove up to Midway one evening to see some good friends who were visiting from Michigan. 

{Sharon and darling new baby Esther}

{oh Utah, you are so pretty}

The baby was cutting two top teeth this trip, making for some sleepless nights and a sometimes zombie me. 

Shaners got his wisdom teeth out. He had a good recovery though, hardly any swelling.

Lane and Kinsey got back from their summer in Boston.


 We spent an evening up at my Dad and Jann's, but I'm going to do a whole post on that because I have too many pretty pictures of it.

The day before we left we joined my cousins Sharee, Camille, Alisha, Shannon, their kids, and Lane and Kinsey at the Sandy splash pad. 
The kids had a blast.

{Evie mooching off of Kinsey}

{Des got a little cold}

{adorable baby cousins}

And then mom dropped us off at the airport before she and Shane headed down to Phoenix. 
I ended up spending several more hours at the airport than anticipated, but {thank my lucky stars} the kids were pretty awesome so we made it to Curt in Atlanta without tears. 

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