Tuesday, July 7, 2015

the 4th of July

Amazing day.

We headed up to Boston in the morning to be with Lane and Kinsey again.
We played a bit in their {cold} pool with Nicole and family.
Then headed to Plymouth for the evening.
Fireworks behind the Mayflower.
Crash for the night at Lane's.
Early flight home.

{baby McKay and baby Edith}

{zoning for a bit, unfortunately no napping}

{Plymouth is a pretty place}

{we staked out a spot near the replica of the Mayflower}

{tired kiddos, but they had fun too}

{yummy burgers, fries, and ice cream...expensive tourist fare, but at least it tasted good}

{low tide}

{we waited and waited and got glow sticks and waited}

we waited so long we were wondering if we were in the right spot because it was past the time they said they would start online, but then...

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