Friday, May 23, 2014

Utah: part II

A good portion of our month was just low key hanging out at my Mom's house.

I relished the view from any of Mom's back windows. Miss seeing these mountains every day.
Love my trees in Georgia though, so it's a give and take.

The babies sure love their grandma...and they sure are 'helpful'.

These two little red heads both love salsa.

Ellie turned 5 while we were there.
She's now a little girl rather than having any toddler, and Des was kind of like the annoying little brother she never wanted...funny and sad, Des' heart was a little bit broken a couple times.

We went to Kinsey's graduation from UVU.
This wasn't one of the two events that we were planning our Utah trip around, mainly because we didn't know about it at the beginning of the year when we were planning, but I'm sure glad I could attend.

{photo by Deborah Savage}

I was able to meet up one evening with Staci and Allyson.
Seriously love seeing and catching up with them, and we had some delicious Indian food as a lovely bonus.

Lane and I started an accent wall that will go behind their baby's crib.

{Lane pretty much had all the trim up by that night}

{and then everything was painted this past weekend}

For that project we were borrowing a miter saw from Dad.
When we got there to pick it up we were greeted with this...
...a baggie with safety glasses and writing instruments and some hearing protection.
I thought it was adorable.
Daddy being a Daddy.

Curt came back in town on Wednesday, May 7th and we were all so happy to be reunited.

On the 8th mom watched the kids again {thanks mom!} so that Curt and I could go to the second event we planned the trip around, a dinner at the school we both went to for our undergraduate degrees, BYU.

Below are pretty much the only pictures we have from the evening.
But even without photographic evidence we had a really great night with very good food.
 {the football stadium, ironically I've never been inside}

{Curt got a kick out of this: an ad for my major, construction management. Funny because it shows a girl and there's only a couple girls at a time that are in the program...although I love that they seem to be looking for more.}

We visited some more...

And then on Saturday morning we made Mom get up at 5am on her day off of work and take us to the airport. {thanks mom!}

Flights are way better when the adult to child ratio is 2:2.

 Great visit. Good to get back home and into a routine. Miss the family.
Ahhh, the drawbacks to living across the country.


Sharee said...

I love seeing pictures of your whole family. It makes me heart just so happy. Sure miss your mom. Exciting about Lane and Kinsey. Loved the sweet pictures about/of your dad. Glad you can fly out whenever you want. I guess that is what makes it OK that you live so far away. You probably visit more than I get to and I live on the same side of the country! Haha. Some day maybe our Utah trips will overlap?? You going again this year?

Carmen said...

Love the flying privileges, living here would be much harder without them. I wasn't planning another Utah trip, but let me know when you're going and we'll see if we can pop over :) I'd love to hang out.

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