Thursday, May 15, 2014

New York

While in Utah my mom was so awesome and watched the kids for a weekend so that I could fly out and meet Curt for a quick New York trip.
 This was my first taste of this city and there will definitely be more exploration in the future.

Such an interesting place.
It was really hard to just pick a few pictures.
{ha ha, I know this isn't 'just a few', but if you only knew how many I had to choose from} 
The big pictures are pictures from my nice camera, the small pictures are phone pictures.

 We both got in around 8:30pm on Friday night, but at different airports, so we met up at the closest common subway station and headed in to find our hotel.

Our hotel was right across the way from where the world trade towers were, so right by the current memorial and the new Freedom Tower.
Very neat.
I thought it was cool when we were walking by one time and the top of the tower was up in the clouds.

So many old buildings with fantastic details...

 ...cemetery right in the middle of things... 

We figured out the subway! Stinky down there, but such a handy way to travel.

...Times Square...

...again, the architectural details in pockets everywhere, gah!...

Seriously bummed that I overexposed this picture and so it's blown out, but we saw the Manhattan temple.

That blurriness in the background is Central Park :)

...and this is what I looked like most of the glued to face...

...beautiful church...

...Rockefeller Center...

 It was pretty cold during the morning, but then warmed up to be a beautiful day. 
Good thing we dressed in layers.

...Flat Iron Building...

...such a funky cool skyscraper. I don't even want to know the amount of coordination it took to execute the exterior... 

 ...Brooklyn Bridge...

One of the reasons I know I need to go back is that there are a million super food places that I need to try.  
There are only so many meals you can fit in one small trip.
But we did try some darn good pizza.

By the end of Saturday we had done enough walking that my decrepit knees had swollen inside and were sticking every time I bent them, so it was good that it was a short trip.

We went back to the hotel, Curt went out and fetched some yummy Indian food for dinner, and we just relaxed for the night.

Sunday morning we walked {well, I limped} around the financial district...

 ...New York Stock Exchange...Curt was kind of geeked...

...and then we headed back to our respective airports to head back to Salt Lake and Atlanta.

On the Subway where it is above ground in Brooklyn.

I got back and was so relieved to love on my babies.
They had been in good hands though; the rest of the trip Evie preferred grandma to me.
Des had a blast with his cousins and still talks about the bounce house from Ellie's birthday party that weekend.

And that is the end of that quick trip.
Again, the conclusion is that New York will get more visits.

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